Monday, June 11, 2012

Sunday Funday/ Summer is Here!

Sunday has always been a great day to go skateboarding. Everyone is off work and school and everything else. Yesterday was no exception. Woke up a little late as usual for a Sunday, shaking off the good times that are Saturday night. Hit up the homie Nollieflip and let him know that its not raining as predicted. He lives right down the street from me and by the time I made it over to his house it had fully started raining. With everything soaked and more rain on the way, it was looking like we were going to just pile out for the day. On the way to get some beer we realized it stopped raining and some spots were already drying up a bit. We decided to hit up tobey and see if we could get a quick session in before the rain came back. We ended up skating for about 2 hours or more with a bunch of homies. Dumper, Donavon, J-Will, Nollie, Bambie, and Kydro all were at the park. After that we decided to actually get some beers and some food so we went back over to the house to chill out. Once again it seemed like we may be done skating for the day, but Dump wanted to go scope out these new ledges that Jordan had buttered up. So we hit up some more folks and met up with Darius, Jordan, Travis, and Jed and got another session going off. Onward to the next location. It was super muggy out yesterday. Gotta love that good old southern humidity. Sweating your ass off just sitting in the shade. We went over to these really sick handrails at a funeral home. We have been eyeing them for years and just recently have folks started skating them. Zorro met up with us here and, as usual, laid it down. Darius and Jed were getting some too. I was trying to kickflip over the rail but in the end, I was defeated. Another day. Zorro Darius Dice Defeated!! So then it was over with, or so it seemed. Bambei and I decided to go to Altown and chill out and drink a beer while some bmx guys were having a session. Instead Bambei got in there and got to work. Started shreding the shit out of the pit like he always does. I tried to get a picture of him slashing a back smith but it turned out all blurry. Oh well. After we left there, we went back to the house for a Vegi bar-b-q! After dinner, we we passed out pretty hard. The summer is here and the weather is brutal, but thats Memphis for you. The fact that it was supposed to rain all day and didn't was awesome. Skate today because tomorrow it may rain!

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