Saturday, October 29, 2011


The new skatepark is ready to go, all except it still isn't open. Such a bummer to be looking at a rad new park and you can't even skate it. Well, they say that helmets will be mandatory, (we'll see) and that you can't have DVD players at the park. At least they got one detail right....Absolutly NO SNAKING!!!!!

Monday, October 24, 2011

Fishin, Kanis, What Else?

I had a killer weekend! The Altown benefit, I unfortunately had to miss, but went over really well, Thanks for everyone who came out. I went down to Arkansas for a fishing trip for my grandfather's birthday! It was a super fun time, just like last year. We caught and released all day, and all and all caught 54 fish that still live in the river! I later went to Little Rock on my way home to kick it with Will, the homie. Vino's, Kanis, and beer! Good Times!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Al Town Fund Raiser October 21st!!

Come out the Buccaneer Lounge in Midtown Memphis on Friday October 21st and Support ALTOWN DIY!!!! The shows start at 9pm and there will be raffles going off too! 5$ at the door, and raffle tickets for sale.

Items for Raffle:
75$ gift cards from Underground Art
Goner Records grab bag
25$ for bar bucks at Murphy's
Free BlackLodge Video rentals
And Some Skateboard Products

All proceeds go to DIY! So come on out and support your favorite Memphis Skate Spot!

Buccaneer Lounge is Located at:
1368 Monroe - Memphis TN 38112 901-278-0909

Monday, October 17, 2011

Street Mission...

Went and skated all day yesterday. It was beautiful outside, we have really lucked out with some mild weather recently. Hit up various spots, including Altown, and went and scoped out some street spots and even found a new one. Always fun to find something unskated, thats actually good, in my home town. Went with Jed and Bambei to Hornlake which was interesting to say the least. Either way it was a fun day, sometimes its best to not have a plan, you get more done that way.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Throwaway Footage?

FU Crue has got it down... Filming rad tricks and then calling it throwaway? I wish I could get clips like this and waste them. These kids are rad!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Embrace the Suck Premier Party.

About 20 people crashed the Trife House this past weekend for the premier of the crew video called, Embrace The Suck. About 5 guys from St. Louis, 2 from Little Rock, and maybe 10 or so from Nashville, not a bad session. The homies showed up even thicker for the actual viewing of the video. It went over really well, lots of high energy. It was sick, well done to all the skaters in the video and to Hammond for putting it together. I don't think our living room has crammed so many people in it at once, 30+ for the viewing.

Lurkers Lurking, scoping the video.

Nashville kids everywhere getting weird!

The STL and Nashville guys went on a rampage, I saw STL kill the spot, and Nashville, as usual, went on a street mission and fucked things up. I even got a sick clip with them for the new Thriving on High Fives video. It was a super fun weekend. I'm always excited to have the homies in town. They get the session going, and all of them kill it!