Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Few Things...

This is kind of a mix up post, I wanted to post a few videos my friends put together for one thing. If you read this blog chances are you read the TRIFE STREET blog. But if you don't, you should, and check out this new promo Hambone put together for the up coming homie video.

Embrace The Suck-Promo from Trife Street on Vimeo.

Next up is the Portland pt. 3 video posted up by photographer/videographer Jordan Whitten. Its mostly b-roll footage with some sick clips from windells and burnside.

Be sure to check out all of his Youtube Uploads as well as his Photo Collection

Ok and finally, as I was lurking the web this morning, I stumbled across this rad photo of Index Ink's own, Miles Canevello. This picture was snaked from Typical Culture's photo issue 15.

Photo: Alec Ozawa

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Portland footage

Here is a cellphone montage Jordan put together with some clips from the Portland trip a few weeks ago, enjoy. I post this without his permission, thanks buddy.

good times.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Wrex is Pro!!

Wrex being a professional skateboarder is old news to most of us, but did you know that he is also a pro crete slapper? Wrex came down to Memphis on Saturday, met up with a few dedicated souls and got out there, braving 100 degree heat, to pour the other side of the spine. Not only did they do that, they hipped out the side! It is looking really good although they did not have enough crete to finish the job. We only need about 10 more bags, 30$ or so worth of crete to finish it out. It is a perfect pour, one that could not have been done without Wrex's guidance. Thanks a lot to Mike as well for coming through with a generator so we could cut into the foundation to make a flush pour. I was able to hang out for about an hour and mostly get in the way/hold up the shade sheet before going to work. This spot is really coming together and it really couldn't happen without the dedication of the Cook's, and all the trife street and Memphis homies, the donations, and the neighbor's who love to see what we are doing. We seem to have really lucked out this time around so be grateful, and use it before it isn't there.

All looks perfect except where we ran out of concrete. Don't forget to visit Trife Street to DONATE

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Portland Trip

Theres a lot of stuff I could say about 2 weeks in Portland, but it would take to long to read and reading sucks. I'll just leave it at this, 10+ homies, 18+ skateparks, 13 days, NO RAINED OUT DAYS, at least 400 beers! What else do you need to know, oh also, my Birthday and 4th of July! Sick trip!

Brooklyn Street DIY

This is Pod, He runs Sauce Magazine, He took us to 8 parks in 1 day. Not 1 of em sucked either! Pod is the Shit!

When you gotta go...

You go...

Over 100 brews, Bday party

We couldn't go anywhere without crammin 6 or 7 deep in a car, i'm the smallest so i end up on the floor.

But it's all worth it to skate Hood River, Bingin, and Drink at Double Mountain, and then camp on a mountain on the Zig Zag river

Some of the crew had to work so we got the car and actually didn't have to cram to head to the coast. Lincoln City Skatepark, the beach, Newburg and Mcminnville all in one day! Woooo

You can get a nickle per can and bottle, so after the amount of brew we drank all 2 weeks, me and BMK came up on some loot

Red threw a benefit jam at the Bridge and the lurkers gathered. After the jam heavy metal parking lot got weird, then Grindline the band played a killer after party downtown, mayhem.

4th of July came and Will and I started the day off early with Beermosas (Hamm's and OJ, classy) and our shirts off. We didn't have any fire works because we suck so we just set some shit on fire in the back yard.

This was an amazing time getting to see old friends, make new ones, and shred the shit out of the North West! Thanks a lot to Rocco, BMK, and Binger for sharing the house with 8 or more lurks everynight, thanks to Pod for going Huge, and thanks a lot to Jamie Weller for building an amazing Skatepark and giving us the permission to come ride it. Im speaking of Windells, probably the funnest park ever built, fuck what ya heard!

Here is a video posted on YouTube of The Showdown on Sacred Ground hosted by Mark Scott at the bridge on Saturday, Binger and the homie Andy get hella clips.