Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Homie Footy from Jordan

Some cell phone footage Jojo poached up and put together. Rugrap fool!

Monday, March 28, 2011

100th POST!

So yesterday, Sunday, we got in the car to go to Little Rock. It was supposed to be wet and former Arcade Skateboards pro, Daniel Haney has recently built an indoor park up there. Its nothing but slash zone. Theres a few things for street like a huge euro and a perfect pyramid, and a bank to ledge. The park is really small but those guys are awesome and used the space wisely. If you looked at a former blog post there were maybe a few photos of it being built. It still isn't fully finished and that means it isn't open yet. Daniel was nice enough to let the Trife crew come up and shred though. Hammond and I put in a small amount of work to at least lend a hand. The vert ramp though. Ive never skated a vert ramp really. I dropped into one once but thats it. Wrex and Lyndal were fucking that thing up though. They obviously skated one before. It was a super fun session and everyone got a trick even though we all thought we wouldn't do anything but drop in.

Take the plunge!

Wrex Slays!

I ended up getting a front grind and a hard worked for crail slide. There is no photo of it but man, it was a sure bail and somehow I pulled it, you just got to wait for the footage. Here's to 100 more posts to make you miserable.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

FU CRUE Invades Trife Street

This past weekend has been pretty crazy with the invasion of our house by the FU Crue of Nashville. I talked to Shane on Wednesday and he informed me that it was about 9 of them coming down. I thought that was a bunch but 9 turned into 13. Sounds pretty hectic but we had a really fun time. Other than the fact that when skating with a crew of 15 or more, everything takes a really long time, gas station stops, waking up, getting food, and when you are at the spot. This also means that no matter what spot you go to, someone is gunna shred it. We skated hard everyday, and partied just as hard. FU shut Memphis down, enough said. Tricks went down that have never been done and who knows if they will happen again at some of Memphis' classic crust spots. Big props to all the homies that came into Memphis to shred. Joe, Andrew, Ethan, Dathan, Shane, Cameron, Zorro, Big Dan, Angel, Christian, Wesley Breakin The Lawson, and I feel like i've forgotten someone. It was fun, Hope to see you guys soon!

This is one of the first spots we hit when everyone showed up. The first car was in town Thursday night, so we actually hit a bunch of spots on Friday before the rest got here. I somehow lost a picture of Joe gettin a 180 Nosegrind 180 out on the Vance kinked ledge, that was a sick one. This steep ass bank with a hole in the bottom has seen very few successful roll aways. A long time ago, BCB crew Joeseph did a kickflip into it and it was amazing. Years later, kickflips are common. The FU Crue steers clear of common and ABDs. Shane with a 360 Shuv, Cameron with a pop in manual all the way down! Zorro perfect varial heelflip and 2nd try 360 flip. And the most amazing trick was Dee with a fakie flip to switch bomb. Theres no way anyone wants to step to that! Trust me, its steeper than it looks in photos.

We even found local spots, at our spots, that we had never seen. This is a sick 8 stair wallride potential. Even sicker, a perfect 13 rail and hubba. Memphis doesn't have a such thing as perfect so when you find one, its amazing. I didn't get any photos of the rail but Bambei 5050d it 1st go! Lipslide in just a few tries, and hammer laying Dee FS boardslide because Reynolds demands it!

After a sick last night session and only 3 FU Crue members remain, we decided the only way to end the trip was burn all the brush away from our spot. We had been schwillin lots of brew before and Urban Arson seemed like a good plan!

Dee is beat! Baker's newest flow trash, we are super stoked for this kid, hes killin it!

Friday, March 11, 2011

Pool Blocks part II

I went there today to get a few pictures of the full thing since it was dark the other day when we layed the bricks.

There is still a little work that needs to be done before this can be skated so just keep waiting. It will be worth it I promise.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Pool Blocks!!!

We waited and waited for the rain to stop yesterday and when it finally was dry enough, with about an hour of light left, we went to the pit and began layin down some pool coping. Ulander and Bambei scored these awesome looking baby blue blocks from an abandoned, soon to be demolished, hotel near by. I was able to snap these 2 pictures before the light went away. We had to finish the rest in the dark but it looked good when we went to leave. The only problem is that about an hour after finishing, we got more rain. The weather may not have affected it though. Also, once again we have been lied to by the weather channel, its not sunny at all today. We were really counting on the sun to come out to get those blocks nice and dry, hope they work out good. Don't try and shred the bricks until at least Sunday, we want to make sure they turn out proper. Check back for upcoming work dates and as always check Trife Street to see whats happening and to donate.

One Block

Two Block... Looking good so far!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Never Met Him....

But it would appear as though he is rippin. Fellow Index Ink skateboard rider Miles Canevello from the Midwest. Shreddin!

INDEX INK - Miles Canevello @ Warp Skatepark from index ink on Vimeo.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Old Dirty Binguin

Binger came home for a quick visit from Portland on Monday. It was a huge stoke up for everyone, especially me and his pops, Butch. I picked him up at the airport at 7:30 A.M. Monday morning and we immediately went and grabbed up a keg of PBR. Although it was a short trip, we had a really good time. Monday night everyone came over to see Binger and celebrate. Everyday we skated and partied and just had an all around good time. The last full night he was in town, a really rad bowl session went down and everyone showed up. Like all great things, it finally had to end. Jordan was non-stop on the scene filming everything and he put together a not so edited montage with some of that gangsta shit!

P came by at the party and some folks got inked up, heres Binger's setup.

Some quality time with Butchism. And some really trife "soul nachos"

No trip home would be complete without stopping by Dudley house to visit with Zardoz

We had a really fun time, and I'll be seeing Binger again in the summer when I cruise out to Portland. Good to see you buddy, we miss you being around!

Footage by Jordan, enjoy!