Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Im Going To Jackson!

Went out to Jackson, TN to search out some street spots. Met up with Forest from Ripley and the homie Colby, and they showed us around to a few spots. Wrecked some air conditioners and got kicked out of spots, also met the meanest gas station attendant of all time after coming up on the lottery. It was a fun session. Darius and Forest went pro on some death defying ledge tricks! I bet Tnell he couldn't instagram 20 pictures in one day and ended up winning, but even better, I got to steal some sick photos he took to post on the blog!

First spot we hit was some bump to ac unit. Don't lipslide it or your wheels will look like this..

Darius bump and grind!

Got kicked out of the Casey Jones Village. The cops weren't so bad. Just gave us the boot and thought we were up to more than just skating.

This spot at the Carl Perkins Center is fucking bananas! At least a 30 foot drop on the other side! There is a ledge on either side of the building, so you can get risky front or backside!

Stopped in for a snack, Jojo is pro at winning burritos and cinatwists!

Going on a street mission is always a gamble, especially in a different town, but no matter what you find, good or bad, skateboarding is always fun if you are with you're homies!

Thanks for the instagram pictures Tyler...

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

FU CRUE returns.. mobbed deep.

These guys rolled into town deep this time. What was supposed to be 5-7 people turned into about 15 dudes lurking my house out. Thats enough people to blow out they're own session just about at every spot. It was fun though. We started at the park every day, and then took it on street missions. At least someone got a trick at every spot, some folks even got multiple. Its hard crewing up that deep and getting things done but the FU CRUE doesn't fuck around. Hammers is the word for the weekend. Come back soon!

Skate fuel. They put this on everything!

This was the first spot we hit with the whole crue. Its a nice drop into a crusty bank on the other side. fun.

Eric and Shane ready to fuck around


Got some Relief in the form of a package of shoes and other swag.. Thanks Daniel, your the man!

Hit up this forgotten spot right in Midtown. It went off here with lines and sick tricks that this spot has just been waiting for. Christian, Shane, and Angel, from Nashville, and Jake from Jonesboro currently own this spot.

University of Memphis was the last spots we all hit together. I had the worst stomach ache and it was freezing, so like many of the others, we sought shelter inside the school while the others braved the cold to get hammers. Forrest 5050 and fs boarded this rail, I didnt get a photo. But check out Jake trying to feeble this rail with Daniel Haney, former rail master, getting BGP's. Thats an epic shot!

The FU CRUE has had a long standing fan out about Haney so the fact that he came street skating with them was the best! Fun times guys.

This is the first trick that we know of to go down on this rail. He was trying to pop over the other side but never got it. This is one of the many 5050's he did, this one is for sure throw away so I hope Dee doesn't care that I post is.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Minnesota Memphis

A couple of guys from the land of lakes came to Memphis on they're way to New Orleans for Mardi Gras. They met up with Dump and partied with him and the next day we partied at my place on Trife Street. These dudes wanted to go hit up some street so we took em to a couple of spots. These quick clips are just one of the spots we hit, but its probably the best. Im not a very good street tour guide sometimes. David from Minneapolis nailed a few tricks in about a half hour.

The quality isnt that great or anything, but they are cell phone shots. Anyway, just trying to post something new. Other than those guys cruising through, its been a slow week.

Thursday, February 2, 2012


Another one from Jordan Whitten. This time its another Portland trip edit from last summer. Footage was supposed to all go in the Trife Video but Hambone decided not to use it for whatever reason. Its a little lengthy so sit back and enjoy the shit!

Tnell ripping

A little edit put together by Jordan Whitten at Tobey skatepark. Homie Tyler Nelson getting a few lines down. Fool is super consistent. This probably took 10 minutes to film.