Saturday, October 30, 2010


Tonight and Tomorrow at Terrortopia will be the 2nd annual HELL-O-WEEN jam session! Little Rock came thick this year so the session should be a rad one! Keep posted for pics and footage soon to come!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Nollie Flip got Hooked Up

Johnny got this today, a Trife Street and Altown cross street sign. Its pretty sick man. Since P came out, I decided to get more on my foot and got the little Krooked eyeballs. I just thought they looked cool so i got em!

Stay on the Block!


Sunday, October 24, 2010


Took the weekend off from shredin to go down and spend some quality family time with the Bradley men. We hit up some fishin holes along the Little Red River in Arkansas and caught us a gang of rainbow trout. My fishin was slackin though, I only caught two trout and somehow, two brim. One of which was of prehistoric size, at least a 15 pound brim haha! Throughout the day we collectively caught over 40 fish! A major fun time relaxin and guzzling brew and fishing on the river! Also, the first time all of the guys on my Dad's side of the family, with the exception of my cousin Josh, got together all at once to hang out.

Hell Yeah! (none of these are mine, my fish all were way small!)

Me, Pops, Uncle Tony, my cousin Jason, Uncle Brent, and My Grandfather Ken

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

More Tattoos!

My buddies came over and got hooked up as well. This guy is inkin up everyone!

Dirty Darius, Down for Life

Jordan's Light Meter

Hambone, Cooper Skateboards Axe, Cooper is a local board company that hooks him up!

Primitive Record Player

I got woke up this morning by my neighbor telling me that P was coming back to do some tattoos again, so I thought of something to get. This is my most complicated tattoo I even have if you can believe that, haha. Im stoked on it because I love my record player and I love cartoons!

Its kinda shiny from the ointment!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Additional Ink!

Like they say, its addictive. Im planning on gettin another tomorrow so be on the look out for more photos of the destruction haha! I just added on to my Altown tattoo and Hammond went all out and is reppin Trife Street tough forever!

Tools of the trade! Shovel lookin like an Arrow! Hell Yeah!


Friday, October 15, 2010

ALtOWN Represent!

My neighbors came through with a friend that gives totally legit tattoos! Cheap as hell too, so why wouldn't I go over there and get some ink? Those dudes were all about gettin hooked up like Antwuan Dixon or something gettin mad face tats and all that, I just snagged a new one for my left foot. Since we put our hearts into ALtown and it has since been destroyed, I thought i would hook myself up with some ink to remember it by.

RIP ALTOWN! Ink is Forever!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Kings Highway St. Louis Weekend

We had so much fun at Kings Highway and STL this weekend! We hit the bridge, downtown, and Jefferson Barracks. Although downtown was basically a bust everywhere we went, we still caught it. We partied hard into the night and skated super hard both days! Galinas earned MVP by putting in the most work and stacking the most footage over the weekend. Everybody got some though. Thanks to everyone that came on the trip, and everyone that came to shred with us. Steve and Ryan from Little Rock, Bryan and Furious Styles from STL, Hambone, SipCup, Tnell, Galinas all killin it to make for one hell of a trip! Thanks KHVT for all of you're hard work to make a spot for us to sesh when we come up there!

Here's the Footage! Thanks to Hambone for the filming and prompt editing technique!

STL :: TRIFE STREET from Trife Street on Vimeo.

More St. Louis Photos!

A few more to gander at. Im not sure why Tyler didn't post up more so far because he took a ton of rad ones. Here are a couple for now though and Im sure there will be more in a few days to keep your hungry eyes full!

He worked hard, but to no success as the montage will prove! Sip Cup, paying the price on a pivot fakie.

Boardslide Fakie Fool!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

St. Louis Teaser..

Just a few road photos. We have a bunch of skating photos too, they just haven't been uploaded yet so just keep on the lookout for those and the montage to come later this week when we get all of our stuff together.

This guy thought he would be cool and block our driveway all night for some bro party down the street. We thought otherwise! This is right before we hit the road.

Best Deal Ever! We went through 4 of these in 24 hours or so!

Road Food at Del Taco, 39cent tacos. Gross.

Outdoor Facility, Mega Trife!

Sippy Cup and Sleezy Steve, Father and Son?

Friday, October 8, 2010

St. Louis this Sunday KHVT!

Headed up to St. Louis with a few homies to shred up the bridge. Everytime we have gone there, those guys have built something new and totally rad! Can't wait! Check out the King's Highway KHVT Blog to see what you are missin out on! Don't Blow It! Build something sick in you're hometown!

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Sunday Party!

Come on over Sunday and skate the ramp, bring your own brew and something to throw on the grill if you wish to do so! We are trying to break this thing in right and have everyone who is down to come sesh! Starts around noon or so and goes all damn day! Bring it because the bricks are no joke!