Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Bambei and Taylors Excellent Adventure!

I just returned from the most rad trip ever! On August 2nd, my room mate Bambei and I jumped in the jeep and headed out on the raddest adventure. We started our trip off at Kings Highway in St. Louis to skate some fresh crete they have poured since our last visit. Then Cruised east to what may be the sickest D.I.Y. in the Midwest, Hermann's Hole. To see pictures of these spots check Kings Highway Blog and click the Hermann's Hole link. We then took it to Boulder, Colorado to hang with some friends and shred some new parks. From there, Yellowstone, Montana, Washington, Oregon, California, Nevada, Arizona, and New Mexico! You would be reading for days if I put everything that happened. We saw a whole lot of stuff. Saw epic terrain, skated epic parks and d.i.y., and met epic people. We even got to do a bit of concrete work with the man, the legend, Mark "Red" Scott, the founder and ripper of Dreamland Skateparks. A most amazing journey to say the least, there are far too many photos to post, but here is a major handful. This will be my biggest post to date. Enjoy yourself, get out on the road because life is far to short to sit at home all day!

Hanging out at Hermann's Hole

Shoot the river, Lyons, Colorado

Dance Party at the Boulder Trife House!

The road to the west!

Yellowstone, Prehistoric!

We did so much skating on this trip, and somehow found a way to not get but a few skating photos, sorry. Rest assured that the session went down, at so many spots, with some very rad folks. We met great people, and had great times.

To Be Continued......

Saturday, August 28, 2010

New Montage

Sorry its been a while, ive been on the road, and still am really. I wont be home for a few more days. If anyone actually reads this blog for sure scope this video. Hammond came through super hard, its like a 15 minute video. I lue of making an actual full length, he just took all of the footage and edited together like thisssss!

Trife Street Montage-H.K.D. from Trife Street on Vimeo.