Thursday, December 24, 2009

NON HOLiDaY Jams to kick out

ok, this blog post doesnt really have anything to do with anything, but in case you were wondering, ive been listening to a lot of project pat lately.. if you havent heard, you should check it out. its some really hood memphis rap.. yeah, although, i generally dont like rap, pat is reppin for the home town so, i get down with him, plus hes a total gangster.. heres a few tracks to check.
ghetty green-ghetty green
on N**ga- layin da smack down
north memphis-ghetty green
cheese and dope-ghetty green
528-cash-ghetty green
give these tracks a listen to if you can find them somewhere, its a decent representation of what the mentality of a lot of memphians is. and if you dont like rap. listen to belphegor's swarm of rats... its black metal.


Friday, December 18, 2009

Al Town

Memphis is a pretty big city. Unlike most cities however, it doesn't have a skatepark.. Its crazy that places like Portland, Oregon can get multiple skateparks within a few miles of each other, and Memphis can't even get one. So, like a lot of folks that get sick of waiting around for something to happen, we decided about two years ago to take matters into our own hands.. Although we didn't have an epic "under the bridge" location, we made due. Since Memphis is crunchy and ghetto we found a spot in the hood and started pouring crete. We've had people come and go, some help, some just lurk. Either way everybody that has helped out has made a major difference in the Memphis skate scene. Altown is not exactly a "skatepark" but it works just fine.. Heres a video and some photos of the spot, crunchy, just like the city its built on. Altown is named after the local graffiti found on the walls when we moved in. Also, if your feeling stoked about what we are trying to do down here, check out this website where you can donate a few bucks for the cause.. And then come shred. AL TOWN

Joe on one of the first work days photo:jojo

Get to work photo:jojo

Jojo testing out the first pour photo:taylor

Binger frontside on the widened edition photo:jojo

Robots dogpisser to fakie photo: jojo

Nashville Shane came to get down Photo:Coleslaw

Index at Altown photo:Hammond

This is the wall today Photo:Hammond

Dump getting serious on the crusty barrier photo:JOJO

Al Town Whats New from 901 Productions on Vimeo.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Trife Street

Trife Street is home of a non stop lurkathon. Many raging parties and good front yard skate sessions have gone off here over the last 2 years. MTown Represent...

Monday, December 7, 2009

Memphis is home of Trife Street. The gateway house is basically home base to the whole crew..

For the first posts we went around Memphis taking pictures of the general scenery and things you may see when cruising through.. Its defiantly not Southern California.. Hot as hell and dirty as ever.. Memphis 10.

Welcome To Crunktown

Welcome to Memphis, the Dirty South. The skate scene is different here than a lot of places. Crunchy spots, everywhere is ghetto, and you can pretty much drink beer on the streets. Memphis is a sprawled out wasteland in the midsouth. Definitely dirty dirty.