Thursday, January 27, 2011

No Age

Los Angeles duo No Age played here Tuesday night. I went and caught the last half of the show. I would have been there earlier but I was waiting on my buddy Jordan to get off work. Usually at the Hi Tone in Memphis, bands never start on time, but I guess this time was different. We only heard like 6 songs or so, maybe 30 minutes of music. The show, what we did see, was pretty good though. The only thing that sucked was that beer was super expensive. Ive been gettin really sick of Memphis bars lately, either its too expensive or the bartenders are dicks or both. Fuck it, stay home and listen to records instead.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Sorcery 118

I don't know these dudes at all. They are apparently some guys from Seattle that Binger knows. Either way, they stopped through Portland and caught a sesh at the Department Bowl. Binger has a couple of sick lines in it so I figured I would post it up. The other dudes are shreddin too. Looks like Bing has been taking advantage of all the sick spots in Portland and gettin good!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Sunday work and skate day

Yesterday was cold, as usual. Everyone hit up a killer Little Rock session Saturday (except me) so yesterday was sort of slow for the skating. Check the Trife Blogfor some photos of the sesh. We decided to pour some crete into the barrier we found last weekend and even got in good with the business owner across the way from where we are pouring! After getting up later than planned, we still got the job done in under 2 hours. Then we decided to hit up some spots around town to see if anything was going to happen.

Bambei was the only one working. (Not really)

The Outcome

Jack wanted to ollie this monster at the end of our street. People always just get broke off here.

Back to this kink. Nobody skated it

Default spot. One of the smoother gaps Memphis has to offer, nevermind the desperate comedians and broken glass everywhere. Memphis is so ghetto.

Other than Jack jumping down that beast gap, nothing really happened yesterday. Sometimes you can't win. Oh well, theres always next time. At least we built a new spot to shred and at least attempted to go out and skate!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Houston Dust Bowl

This is the best park Memphis currently has to offer. Bummer. Ive been skating here since I was just a little guy getting dropped off by my mom for the 8 hour session with the homies, better pack a lunch. The park doesnt get called the dustbowl for nothin though, its always the dirtiest crap park ever. Even though the park totally sucks, the sessions go down all the time, especially in the summer. The dust bowl is home to a lot of us. Enjoy this montage by local Houston regulator, Jordan, biggest ass hole at the park. It features a bunch of the homies just messin around during the summer, even my dog got props!

Monday, January 17, 2011

HMMM, This Looks Fun

So nothing much to it yet, but with a few bags of crete and a broom session, this under a bridge jersey barrier could be a really fun spot to hit. What you can't see is the one next to the left pillar is actually a curved barrier, can we say, pocket? This is just a spot we stumbled upon yesterday while out scroungin Memphis for undiscovered spots. Although the session yesterday was pretty unsuccessful, we found this and at least have something to look forward to building this coming up weekend! Never stop searchin!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Teff Fairfield!!!!

This is the man behind the scenes over at Index Ink. For some reason he didn't get a family profile on the Ink website so I decided to go ahead and hook him up with one on my blog. This is 20 questions or so with the man, the myth. He is one rad dude and is holding it down super hard for Index, and without Teff, I wouldn't have a bunch of sick Index stuff all the time!

AGE: 29 3/4

Location: Orange County California

Occupation: Throwing rocks at little kids and running operations @ Index Ink

How long have you been Skateboarding: Before I had pubick hair

What are you listening to right now: JJ Grey & Mofro

Dream Sesh: Smashin Katie Perry's face to my face

What gets Teff Stoked: Good beer and Good Company

Whos Rad
: Chris Cole - dude this guy is all around killing it right now!

Whos Sad: Lindsay Lohan

Favorite Spot to Sesh: My bedroom or the local bathroom

To Chill: I love to kick back with a sick pack and jam some Misfits in the ideal chill sesh!

Beer of Choice: Dos Equis

12 pack of budget or 6 pack of prime: Quanity buy for sure...however, swoop on your buddy's good beer.

Front grind or back slash: Back slash all the way

5 greats: Beer, Family, Dogs, Vagina, and my weener!

Mountains or Beaches: Both...Beach sesh in the Morning and Mountain sesh at night...good ol' California!

Save it or spend it: Spend it to live it.

Who is the biggest homie on Index: Well I can't just say one cuz their are a few: Skate - Miles Canavello, Bmx - Dylan Stark & Stevie Churchill, and Mtb - Adam Hauck & right behind him is young buck Andrew Bigelow! All these dudes are killing it and making noise in their industry. Super stoked on them!

Party down or stay at home: I would have to say half and half...too much partying leads to anxiety and too much home time leads to masturbating, so I am halfer on this one.

Last Words: Big up to the Index Ink clan and to Taylor for including me into discussion! Keep it real Trife St.!!!

Thursday, January 6, 2011


So in light of Index Ink not making skateboards and focusing all of their efforts to the clothing line, I have been asked by Cooper Skateboards if I wanted to be on the team. I am super stoked to be a part of it because the dudes heading it up, Christian and Grant have been good buddies of mine for years now, and its a local Memphis company. Im stoked to have ridden Index boards for as long as they were around and am still stoked to rock the shit out of the gear, but now, im also stoked to be riding Cooper Skateboards. Check em out at their blog for updates on what everyone is to. Another plus to ridding for cooper is that everyone on the team is a good friend of mine. Thanks a lot to Chad and Teff for always making sure I was riding a good board, you guys have been so rad to me and continue to be amazing!

This is a glimpse at the current catalog, although new graphics are about to be up!