Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Go Skateboard Day!!! R.I.P. Altown

Go Skateboarding Day marks the one year anniversary of Altown being officially taken from us. The sesh was going to be epic and we were shut down by none other than the man. Fuck The Police, Fuck Lt. Dan, and Fuck that guy that bought Altown from under us! But, the light at the end of the tunnel keeps getting brighter and brighter as the new spot is maybe even better than the old one, and we haven't been at it nearly as long. We all know that if we want to, we can mob super hard at the new Altown and nobody will shut us down. And giving Altown as a sacrifice meant that A.C. got on the ball and we have just broken ground on the public Memphis skatepark, a long needed spot. Thanks alot to the Mayor of Memphis for caring about us, and giving a shout out to our hard work and determination to have a spot for everyone to shred. Everyday that I go to the spot, I see new kids hanging out skating, some for the first time. Its all good, keep the old spot, because we can go wherever we want. WILD IN THE STREETS!

Memories. Binger frontside air off

The first time we really felt like we knew what we were doing

This was sick but the turds responsible also aided in us losing our spot. Fuck Graffiti at the spot!

Dump Shreds man, He rarely comes around but its always sick when he does

We need another one of these man.

Get off the computer, GO SKATEBOARDING!!! Don't complain about shitty spots because Memphis has plenty of em, build something fun and let the goodtimes roll!

Friday, June 17, 2011

Weekly Brew Review

Since my homie Black Metal Kevin has been slackin super hard on his weekly brew review (meaning i'm pretty sure he only did one,) i'm going to do a review of my own. Do Check his house blog though for sick videos and maybe another brew review some day. So here it is, the first brew I chose to review is the ever classic Busch 40 ouncer, with a side of Lazy Magnolia Brewery's Southern Pecan.

Brown Bag Special

The first thought I had when I cracked open this familiar brew was, damn this isn't that cold! That's alright though because Busch never lets me down. It is the way to go if you are going to stay on the budget because it is a better flavor than Bud or High Life and won't fill you up as fast. PBR is a pretty decent match but it sucks unless its in a draft or 12oz bottle. Busch can be enjoyed in every packaging. In this case it was satisfying however not "as cold as a mountain stream" but either way it was still "as smooth as it's name" whatever thats supposed to mean.

The next brew on this review is Lazy Magnolia's Southern Pecan. It is obvious due to its name a brown ale brewed with real pecans. I believe Abita was the first brewery to use actual pecans in the brewing process but Lazy does a good job as well. I have had this beer both in a bottle and on draft. I prefer the bottle but the draft is a close second. It has a sweet aroma and a very smooth taste and finish, subtle hints of pecans the whole time. This will run you around 7.99 a sixer so its not exactly budget brew or anything but its well worth the shot. If you can find it, try another brew by them called Indian Summer, its a great one.

So that does it with this Brew Review, hope BMK doesn't mind I snaked his idea but hes a square anyway. I also had a Coors Light, nothing to write home about. Light, Cold, and somewhere along the way, you get a Buzz.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Whats The Best Nation? DONATION

Pass some loot for more crete over at Trife Street! Everything is coming together but always under renovation, Help out with some of the bills if you like what you see!

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Trife Street Summer Heat

While im stuck out east dog sittin for the parents, Hammond, Wrex, Kim, and a few other homies sweat it out super hard yesterday to do some Altown repairs. The crew showed up hella early to try and beat the heat, they poured beside the existing quarter to go flush with the wall on the half done wall ride extension and added a parking block to the top of the soon to be spine. As well as adding more crete to the spine to smooth it out. These guys worked hard and do work hard everytime they are out there. Its pretty much the same crew everytime but we all know, when shit gets done, everyone will show up. Thats all good, we just keep on pouring, just pass some donations or we can't keep this going.

Wrex is on point!

Friday, June 3, 2011

Will is Kill

A little video made by Rocco Caravelli of one of my favorite dudes out there, Sir William Laytanous Boothaus. Slaying Steelheads in the Sandy River

Video by Rocco