Tuesday, January 22, 2013


This is an edit that I watched about the indoor skate scene in Portland. Its pretty rad, Elias did a great job. It has skating from some of the homies Andy, and Rocco in it to, check it out!

video by-Elias Parise

Sunday, January 6, 2013


Happy New Year! Its been pretty sunny in Oregon so far this year but the rain is about to start up again. We got lucky the last week or so. No time for sitting inside, get out and see some stuff! Living close to the coast is a new thing for me so I try and get out there every chance I get, a sunny day means time to hit the beach.. Even if its super cold out still.
Rockaway Beach

Old Lighthouse

Cannon Beach

Bernard killin it, Ecola State Park, Cannon Beach

Thursday, November 15, 2012

PDX spot check

Lots of new spots to check out and many more popping up all over the place. Even though it rains most of the time in the winter, we still get some nice days where we can get it!

New barrier spot in front of my apartment poured by my neighbor Rocco and some buds.

Zorro getting buck on his last day in town. Back 360 attempt at a  sick double set

This thing

Hammers anyone?

Clear days in Portland lead to amazing views. Many miles away in Washington sits Mt. St. Helens and behind it in the farther distance is Rainer!

Saturday, November 10, 2012


Its been a while since my last post, I think it was the beginning of the summer. A lot of changes have happened. I have relocated to the great Pacific Northwest, to Portland, OR. I moved out in August and got a place with the good homie from Memphis, Black Metal Kevin. There's a ton of rad stuff to skate out here and all kinds of other things to do. Although the weather has started to take a turn for the worst, we still have days to get out there and make it happen. Skating, camping, fishing, and holding it down for the good times is what the dream is all about. Stay up, because theres more to come.
The Bendingham is where all the homies lived, I stayed here when I first got in town and stayed in my tent in the backyard for about a month. Good times!
Multanomah Falls just a few minutes up the Columbia Gorge from my house. Always a rad place to go! Binger and Kevin Stone Cold the falls
Cape Lookout, Tillamook, OR. Pacific Ocean is now just an hour drive from home.
Portland is serious about DIY. This is the Brooklyn Street Spot. Fun mini bowl and a constant work in progress. 
Ross Island Bridge. Just one of a ton in the Bridge City
Stoked to have this guy with me everywhere I go. Cannon Beach, OR
Camping on the coast is always good times
Binger ripping a front grind over the hip at the new Estacada park. This place is sick
One last swim for the summer before its too cold. 
Typical trick on a steep one at the neighborhood skatepark. Glenhaven. 
Summer is over but there is still so much stuff to do. Mt. Hood!!!

Monday, June 11, 2012

Sunday Funday/ Summer is Here!

Sunday has always been a great day to go skateboarding. Everyone is off work and school and everything else. Yesterday was no exception. Woke up a little late as usual for a Sunday, shaking off the good times that are Saturday night. Hit up the homie Nollieflip and let him know that its not raining as predicted. He lives right down the street from me and by the time I made it over to his house it had fully started raining. With everything soaked and more rain on the way, it was looking like we were going to just pile out for the day. On the way to get some beer we realized it stopped raining and some spots were already drying up a bit. We decided to hit up tobey and see if we could get a quick session in before the rain came back. We ended up skating for about 2 hours or more with a bunch of homies. Dumper, Donavon, J-Will, Nollie, Bambie, and Kydro all were at the park. After that we decided to actually get some beers and some food so we went back over to the house to chill out. Once again it seemed like we may be done skating for the day, but Dump wanted to go scope out these new ledges that Jordan had buttered up. So we hit up some more folks and met up with Darius, Jordan, Travis, and Jed and got another session going off. Onward to the next location. It was super muggy out yesterday. Gotta love that good old southern humidity. Sweating your ass off just sitting in the shade. We went over to these really sick handrails at a funeral home. We have been eyeing them for years and just recently have folks started skating them. Zorro met up with us here and, as usual, laid it down. Darius and Jed were getting some too. I was trying to kickflip over the rail but in the end, I was defeated. Another day. Zorro Darius Dice Defeated!! So then it was over with, or so it seemed. Bambei and I decided to go to Altown and chill out and drink a beer while some bmx guys were having a session. Instead Bambei got in there and got to work. Started shreding the shit out of the pit like he always does. I tried to get a picture of him slashing a back smith but it turned out all blurry. Oh well. After we left there, we went back to the house for a Vegi bar-b-q! After dinner, we we passed out pretty hard. The summer is here and the weather is brutal, but thats Memphis for you. The fact that it was supposed to rain all day and didn't was awesome. Skate today because tomorrow it may rain!

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter is for shredding!

It's been a while since ive posted anything. Went to Jonesboro with a small crew today but it was super fun. Bambei got bummed early in the sesh with the constant slam factor. Zorro, Dump, and I, continued to skate even though the park put us all in check. We have been skating the smooth and new Tobey "Memphis" skatepark so much that it seems we have forgotten whats its like to skate a chuddy bowl that Grindline has put in Arkansas. This bowl remains to be one of the best around. Its so fun, and the fact that its all crusty with gnarly coping made it even better today. We even hit some street and some Mexican food. Fuck Yeah Jboog!

An empty park is rad, but this place gets no love

Eric Lazore is always smashing shit, no matter what it is!

Found this crazy place while driving around looking for somewhere to eat! There were gnarly banks and ledges all over the place. It was some abandoned hospital.

Joe lived up to his nickname "Dumper" at this spot... Not going to mention details...
Anyway, Dump, eyeing it up..

And taking the plunge, dropping in..

Zorro ollied into this steep ass bank with pebbles everywhere first try with no hesitation. There was 5$ on the line but he was just stoked to catch it. He did it twice. The photo kinda sucks but trust me, its gnar!

Sorry the footage sucks.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Im Going To Jackson!

Went out to Jackson, TN to search out some street spots. Met up with Forest from Ripley and the homie Colby, and they showed us around to a few spots. Wrecked some air conditioners and got kicked out of spots, also met the meanest gas station attendant of all time after coming up on the lottery. It was a fun session. Darius and Forest went pro on some death defying ledge tricks! I bet Tnell he couldn't instagram 20 pictures in one day and ended up winning, but even better, I got to steal some sick photos he took to post on the blog!

First spot we hit was some bump to ac unit. Don't lipslide it or your wheels will look like this..

Darius bump and grind!

Got kicked out of the Casey Jones Village. The cops weren't so bad. Just gave us the boot and thought we were up to more than just skating.

This spot at the Carl Perkins Center is fucking bananas! At least a 30 foot drop on the other side! There is a ledge on either side of the building, so you can get risky front or backside!

Stopped in for a snack, Jojo is pro at winning burritos and cinatwists!

Going on a street mission is always a gamble, especially in a different town, but no matter what you find, good or bad, skateboarding is always fun if you are with you're homies!

Thanks for the instagram pictures Tyler...