Monday, January 30, 2012

Cooper Skateboards Promo!

This shit is good! I don't have too many clips in it but who cares, check the other homies getting some! Well edited/raw footage style, with killer tunes and zombies. Some Memphis shit for sure! These guys are legit as fuck, backin me and im backin them! Check this shit out! COOPER SKATEBOARDS

Cooper Skateboards Promo from Cooper Skateboards on Vimeo.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Torture Weather Street Mission

Today was the odd kind of storm brewing weather that was cold then warm so everything is all moist and humid.. Welcome to Memphis. We decided to take it to South Memphis to try and find some spots we've never seen. We were somewhat successful in looking at some spots. Hamilton High had some pretty gnarly rails and a ditch with potential. Airways Middle had these tall ass rails that Forest and Darius may have been the first skateboarders to fuck with. And somehow, South Memphis led us to South Haven and to the High School there for.... another rail! That of course only Darius and Forest skated. Sometimes skating street involves not skating...

Cracktown, this spot is really fun but today it was really wet. Its hard to see but where the crack in the wall is, its actually a lip you can grind.

Hamilton High is way gnarly!

These rails are pretty fucked up too. Darius FS board, Forest caveman board...

This wasn't the land, But Forest got it plenty of times, I just suck at taking cell phone pictures. He was trying ollie over to manual, he just got the ollie, So did Darius, as well as a sick tail drop off the top ropes

Friday, January 20, 2012

Sip Cup Man Grind

Getting the speed to stand up grind the deep of Kanis is pretty legit! It may not look that way, but if you've skated the hole, you know! "Not So" Little Jack gets a man grind in the deep end of the beast! photo by Tyler Nelson, stolen from instagram. Suck it SOPA

Thursday, January 19, 2012


While the rest of the internet was blacking out, we were at the skatepark! Dump with a sick ass feeble fakie on the barrier, what the fuck! Check all the cell phone angles. Dump is the shit!

Monday, January 16, 2012

Little Rock, Bambei Gets Savage!

Warm weather for a winter day, good crew, Kanis, Street, Riverview, Vino's! Took it to Kanis and had an all out jam with just the crew we drove up with Bambei, Tnell, Swamp, Sippy, and Me. Will Erhle met us up there too. There are a few new and newer things at Kanis like the doorway grind and the steep quarter. They also recently built a polejam and a ledge. We were actually able to ride the hole too. Sick lines going down by Bambei, and Jack and Swamp were getting some too. Jack was raging fs grinds around the shallow pocket which is pretty steep and ultra crusty. Swamp getting fs airs off the hip and I even got a little in the deep end. When we went to get some food, we decided to bomb down Battery, in the car... Tnell said he thought he may wanna go for it so we stopped. Bambei didn't think twice and just took off down the hill. If you have ever seen that hill you know how fucked up it really is and only a bad ass would go down it. He made it down and wanted one more go, but Battery fought back and Bambei got severely served! He caught speed wobble and fell, sliding about 15 feet and ripping everything from his skin, to his pants and shirt! We went to Vino's after that and stuffed ourselves with calzones and pizza, and had several chugging contests with they're awesome beer. After establishing a cool buzz, we took it to the streets. Bambei got good and loaded to make sure he wasn't feeling any pain. First spot was Double Tree banks, sick brick banks that have been in a few pro videos. We got a few lines there, Tnell shut it down with a kickflip into the first bank, then down the set, and front 360 into the bigger bank. We went over to the Pavilion because it was close and we were losing light. Kicked it off with a stair sesh that Swamp even got down on with street grabs and boneless down the 8! Jack was being a pussy and wouldn't ollie over the handrail with me so Bambei of all people, broke off and pretty inebriated, stepped up and popped over the smaller set rail, and then the bigger set rail! Bambei is FUCKING SAVAGE! Since it got dark, we decided to hit River View for a couple of runs and maybe a beer or two! The session continued to go off with Jack speed lining the bowl and Swamp doing Swamp Stomps everywhere. All and all, it was yet another epic day in Little Rock! That place is fucking great, even if we always get eaten alive when we go there! SPRING BREAK FOOL!

Backseat Squad, Swamp, Sip, Tino

As Darius said, "typical" photos by Tyler

Pictures can't do this hill justice. Respect Battery, you don't wanna fuck with it!

As with the hill, pics can't do Bambei's road rash justice..

Nothing a few beers and some frozen peas can't handle!

Vinos with the crew

Tyler is so wasted!

Feeling better already

I'll apologize now for the shitty filming, I didn't realize he was going down it and just acted fast! This is the time Bambei made it! Not even footage does this thing justice..

Get on the road with your friends, go skate new stuff! Try new shit! Go fast!

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Nice Weather..

Today was the nicest day of the week so far so of course we were lurking our skatepark. Gotta love the fact that you can go up to the park, and see all the homies skating. This picture just reminds me of what a rad crew I have to skate with. Little Jack came up getting picked on so hard by us,still does, but that man rips so hard. Jed is one of the best skateboarders to ever come out of Memphis, just natural with great style. And Bambei is savage as fuck. This is a photo stolen from TNELL's instagram of tobey park on a nice Saturday afternoon.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

sunday at tobey...

Heavy crowd scene at the park today, even though it was cold. Jack rips, and does it through the masses of lurks. Fuck em, shred! These are just a few clips of him "taking it easy"

Friday, January 6, 2012

Lots of Hits

I got a lot of hits on the blog today, its gnarly, too bad i haven't posted shit since xmas, sorry. Ill get on that. It was a nice day to skate though!

This wasnt today, it was much warmer today, this was weeks ago and this photo was taken by Pierce, and stolen from Dead Pixel Blog