Saturday, February 26, 2011

This Is Looking Sick!

This morning we woke up, Wrex was back in town, and we went to the spot to finish the job off. Although there were a few hours of work to be done, we couldn't start working without a session going off. Bambei and Wrex killed the spot! Keep in mind that there was at least a foot of nothing from the tranny shelf to the lip, meaning you had to pop out of almost everything. Unless of course, you are Hammond who somehow slash grinded and rolled over the shelf part, which sticks out about an inch an a half from the wall. After the session went down we got to work. Once again, thanks so much to Wrex for coming down here and offering us his skill! Thanks also to Chris Ulander, Bambei, and Tara for going out and snagging about 20 pool blocks from a demolished hotel, this QP is about to be so rad!

Finishing it up!

Friday, February 25, 2011

New Altown on Concrete Disciples

This was posted by Kim Cook recently, its pretty rad to have those two so stoked on skateboarding and doing whatever possible to boost the scene surrounding them. Check it out HERE

Monday, February 21, 2011

Coming Together

First of all, yesterday's pour would have never happened if Wrex, Mike, and Hammond hadn't put in so much effort. Also a big thanks to Mike Lassiter for helping with the design. Gonz put in a full two days to build something that he claims he won't be able to skate. Wrex and Kim drove down from Oxford to show us the ways of building tranny. We couldn't have done this without some outside help, just like the old Altown QP. We all came together though and worked our asses off all day. Thanks to everyone that came out to help, donate or just lurk around and offer moral support, it was a great day! After the pour we caught a ramp session, cooked some food, and skated up to the Hitone for an awesome show by Thee Oh Sees. This San Francisco band always plays really close together and on the floor. I saw them one other time at Goner Fest but this time was a way better show. Yesterday was really awesome!

Blurry ass phone shot from the show, super close though!

Gettin things started.

Some of the finishing, We didn't fully finish, we have to do that Wednesday.

Wrex Cook, king of the crete!

We had some left over mixed crete so we free formed this lump, it could be fun.


This Quarter Pipe is NOT finished yet! We have to go back Wednesday and finish up the job. It should be skate worthy by the weekend so just wait for it. Especially if you didn't lift a finger to help. We want this to turn out really good because we put in a bunch of work and money and time. So wait until at least Sunday of this week to skate it, Binger will be in town then and will most likely be on the first session for the spot. DO NOT SKATE THIS YET! Thanks again to all that helped, and as always, we could still use some DONATIONS to pay for all the crete so help out please and thanks!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Workday Sunday 2-20, We Need You're Help

As most of you know, we are trying to get this spot on Evelyn rolling, and with the nice weather, its been time to get to work. We already have a sick pole jam and a ledge, but theres something missing. Transition! All good DIY spots need some slash, so with the help of concrete master Mike "Gonz" Ettleman, and ripper/experienced park builder Wrex Cook, we are going to lay it out on Sunday. We need you're help though. We will need shovels, brooms, wheelbarrows, and hands to help. We need people to mix crete and keep the stuff coming. Also, we could greatly use donations because here on Trife Street we can't pay for all of this. We already paid for the concrete in advance and it was around 130 bones for all of it. Any kind of contribution will be greatly appreciated so please help in any way you can. Either show up for work, or Donate Here Thanks in advance, lets make this happen, we all remember how much fun Altown was!


Monday, February 14, 2011

65 and Sunny, Layin Life Hammers in the Rock!

Sunday was 65 degrees or almost so, no clouds in sight, that means its time to take it to Little Rock, a favorite destination of the Trife Street crew. We rolled 3 cars deep this time with a proper crew of rippers. We left town with one on the injured list but came back with two, I myself was properly beaten as well but still standin. We had Jordan, myself, Tnell, Hunter, Darius, Mike, Toby (with broke leg), Nollie, Bambei (came back with broken hand), Hammond, Sip Cup, Swamp Lizard, Wrex, and Kimmo! Thats a hell of a crew. We got to Little Rock and all the homies came out, Colt, Alan, Tyler, Ron, Georgie, Sleezy, and Ryan. We skated the River park for about two hours to warm up. Bambei was blastin the most insane stales off the slingshot into the bank! Wrex obviously killin, Sip Cup was slashin as usual, and Swamp Lizard even through a stinktail in the deep!

Darius slept the whole way while blastin West Coast rap full volume in his earbuds

After River park, we went and checked out Daniel Haney's (former Arcade skateboards pro) new indoor park. Haney is a cool guy tryin to help out his hometown scene. This park is small but looks super fun, quick trannys and a full on vert ramp. We showed up to Brock and Catfish Lee working and lurking the warehouse. I got Sleezy to take me to vinos to meet up with Will while the other dudes caught a quickie. The crew later met up with us at Vinos, a food staple for every Little Rock trip.

Index is alive and well in the Vinos bathroom. I slapped this one up about 2 years ago. Strategic placement leads to longevity!

The Vino's crew got thick when everyone showed up! Beers and pizza for all!

Meanwhile at the warehouse, things are looking good

Bambei broke his wrist or hand or something going for the protein shake challenge (blunt fakie the deepend of river park) but still went on to fuck kanis up as usual. Broke Hand Nose Pick!

Thanks to Hammond for taking more pictures than me so I could snake them from the Trife Streetblog!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Today was nice out.

So its been snowing and freezing in Memphis all week (it is winter) but today was around 50 degrees so we went and got to work. Hammond got busy smoothing a rough spot in front of our ledge at the "new spot" and hammered out a hole to put a new pole jam in. Although I showed up late in the game, I still helped do a bit of this and that, hammer the hole and smooth some crete. We got the pole jam laid into a hole thats about 6 inches thick... That sounded funny. Anyway, its a big fat pole, go ride it!

Here are a few bonus pictures from the other jersey barrier spot we poured into a few weeks back, this spot is too hard to skate man, talk about harsh, shitty roll up/roll away, and steep as ever!

Front 5