Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter is for shredding!

It's been a while since ive posted anything. Went to Jonesboro with a small crew today but it was super fun. Bambei got bummed early in the sesh with the constant slam factor. Zorro, Dump, and I, continued to skate even though the park put us all in check. We have been skating the smooth and new Tobey "Memphis" skatepark so much that it seems we have forgotten whats its like to skate a chuddy bowl that Grindline has put in Arkansas. This bowl remains to be one of the best around. Its so fun, and the fact that its all crusty with gnarly coping made it even better today. We even hit some street and some Mexican food. Fuck Yeah Jboog!

An empty park is rad, but this place gets no love

Eric Lazore is always smashing shit, no matter what it is!

Found this crazy place while driving around looking for somewhere to eat! There were gnarly banks and ledges all over the place. It was some abandoned hospital.

Joe lived up to his nickname "Dumper" at this spot... Not going to mention details...
Anyway, Dump, eyeing it up..

And taking the plunge, dropping in..

Zorro ollied into this steep ass bank with pebbles everywhere first try with no hesitation. There was 5$ on the line but he was just stoked to catch it. He did it twice. The photo kinda sucks but trust me, its gnar!

Sorry the footage sucks.