Monday, December 20, 2010

Little Rock Session with BMK

A lot of cool stuff went down in Little Rock on Sunday. Its impossible not to have a rad session when you pile 10 folks in 2 cars, and then meet up with 10 other dudes from the Rock. We cruised out early with a sick crew of dudes, and one chick, and got to Kanis hole and DIY at around 11. We got stuck there for so long because the session was too good! Every time I go there though, the bowl hole has some sort of water or leaves, or this time, both. OG pool ripper and Toast Skateboards pro Wrex Cook, had no problem slashin around the piles and puddles and scorched that bowl, not to mention his rip-a-thon on the diy. Kanis has come up since i was last there and they are doing a hell of a job. Thanks a lot to 50 Kent, Steve, Ryan, Brown Ron, Brock, Matt, Catfish, and all the other homies who have put in so much time and effort. Little Rock is a home away from home, just the good ol' boys! WOOWEE!

Gettin an Early Start, 8 A.M. Crewed Up!

Everyone is stoked, Even BMK but he snoozed the whole way

Kanis Bowl Hole, 24 years and counting!

Front Pivots on this are harder than they look for sure!

So Much Shreddin! Wrex was the first to invert this ever, and Jack nailed the Boneless!

You see, the state of Arkansas is crazy and doesn't sell any sort of booze on Sunday. Since we go to Jonesboro so often on Sunday's we are used to getting brew either the night before, or usually we just wait until noon in Memphis to pick some up. Since we left so early, we were unable to get beer and everyone forgot the night before. And as we all know, a Kanis session without Ice Cold is almost not allowed. Luckily the local boys had come prepared and in addition, Little Rock has a few brew pubs where you can pick up cold beer to go somehow on Sunday. We usually hit Vino's Pizza to eat and get a few pints but the locals told us about another place we'd not heard of called Diamond Bear. We hit that place up for a few cases and then barged Kent's house to skate his wingnut of a ramp and grill out. Kent's ramp is one of the wildest backyard mini's I've seen in a while. Extension city with pool block and oververt, it was a tough session. We hit that, and then after a while, hit Riverview skatepark, and then cruised home, it was a hell of a day. Many tricks, and even more slams later!

Friday, December 17, 2010

Black Metal Kevin Is Home!

BMK took off to Portland in July with Binger and has been out there doin it up right. With a job, a house, and a crew of rad skaters, (including some notable pros,) BMK is killin it! He came home for the holidays and we are so stoked to see him back around Trife Street. We are headed down to Little Rock this weekend so prepare yourself for the stoke! Fuck yeah BMK, glad to have you back man!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Yesterday was Awesome!

It was freezing and somewhat snowy here in Memphis yesterday and it was starting to look like a bummer of a Sunday. With no place to go shred without freezing to death we started just drinkin beer and editing footage for the upcoming Trife Street video. A buddy called and wanted to skate the ramp and all of the sudden there were like 15 people at the house shreddin. We were shootin off fire works yelling and rippin the ramp. Everyone got all stoked because the sun came out and I convinced everyone to go to this street spot and try and get tricks. We went, froze to death, and only one dude skated the spot. After that we went and ate Mexican food and then came home to a impromptu Trife Street Christmas Card photo shoot! Haha, done up rad!

This Ledge is sick, worst run up ever and worst landing too! So Memphis

Darius Goin for broke in the Ice Cold

Off to Happy Mexican Land! This place rules!

Kyle's First Margarita Ever!

Things Get Weird after Mexican Food!

I puked and it caused a chain vomit party!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Trife Street Coming Soon!

Here is an update on whats up around here. Won't be too soon i'm sure but its coming! Full parts from a few rad dudes so be on the look out!

Trife Street Promo from Trife Street on Vimeo.

Friday, December 3, 2010

First Real Ledge Sesh

When we thought we could just use liquid nail to put the angle iron on the ledge at the new spot, we were wrong, it was just a couple grinds before it fell off. Today we went and bought some concrete anchors and some more liquid nail and did things right. We caught a sesh for a while, I slipped out and my board went to the drink, and some random guy with a camera wanted to take pics of the graffiti and gave us a cold 12!

A few angles of the finished product!

Jordan goes the distance FS Nose Grind!