Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Im Going To Jackson!

Went out to Jackson, TN to search out some street spots. Met up with Forest from Ripley and the homie Colby, and they showed us around to a few spots. Wrecked some air conditioners and got kicked out of spots, also met the meanest gas station attendant of all time after coming up on the lottery. It was a fun session. Darius and Forest went pro on some death defying ledge tricks! I bet Tnell he couldn't instagram 20 pictures in one day and ended up winning, but even better, I got to steal some sick photos he took to post on the blog!

First spot we hit was some bump to ac unit. Don't lipslide it or your wheels will look like this..

Darius bump and grind!

Got kicked out of the Casey Jones Village. The cops weren't so bad. Just gave us the boot and thought we were up to more than just skating.

This spot at the Carl Perkins Center is fucking bananas! At least a 30 foot drop on the other side! There is a ledge on either side of the building, so you can get risky front or backside!

Stopped in for a snack, Jojo is pro at winning burritos and cinatwists!

Going on a street mission is always a gamble, especially in a different town, but no matter what you find, good or bad, skateboarding is always fun if you are with you're homies!

Thanks for the instagram pictures Tyler...

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