Thursday, March 10, 2011

Pool Blocks!!!

We waited and waited for the rain to stop yesterday and when it finally was dry enough, with about an hour of light left, we went to the pit and began layin down some pool coping. Ulander and Bambei scored these awesome looking baby blue blocks from an abandoned, soon to be demolished, hotel near by. I was able to snap these 2 pictures before the light went away. We had to finish the rest in the dark but it looked good when we went to leave. The only problem is that about an hour after finishing, we got more rain. The weather may not have affected it though. Also, once again we have been lied to by the weather channel, its not sunny at all today. We were really counting on the sun to come out to get those blocks nice and dry, hope they work out good. Don't try and shred the bricks until at least Sunday, we want to make sure they turn out proper. Check back for upcoming work dates and as always check Trife Street to see whats happening and to donate.

One Block

Two Block... Looking good so far!

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