Monday, February 21, 2011

Coming Together

First of all, yesterday's pour would have never happened if Wrex, Mike, and Hammond hadn't put in so much effort. Also a big thanks to Mike Lassiter for helping with the design. Gonz put in a full two days to build something that he claims he won't be able to skate. Wrex and Kim drove down from Oxford to show us the ways of building tranny. We couldn't have done this without some outside help, just like the old Altown QP. We all came together though and worked our asses off all day. Thanks to everyone that came out to help, donate or just lurk around and offer moral support, it was a great day! After the pour we caught a ramp session, cooked some food, and skated up to the Hitone for an awesome show by Thee Oh Sees. This San Francisco band always plays really close together and on the floor. I saw them one other time at Goner Fest but this time was a way better show. Yesterday was really awesome!

Blurry ass phone shot from the show, super close though!

Gettin things started.

Some of the finishing, We didn't fully finish, we have to do that Wednesday.

Wrex Cook, king of the crete!

We had some left over mixed crete so we free formed this lump, it could be fun.


This Quarter Pipe is NOT finished yet! We have to go back Wednesday and finish up the job. It should be skate worthy by the weekend so just wait for it. Especially if you didn't lift a finger to help. We want this to turn out really good because we put in a bunch of work and money and time. So wait until at least Sunday of this week to skate it, Binger will be in town then and will most likely be on the first session for the spot. DO NOT SKATE THIS YET! Thanks again to all that helped, and as always, we could still use some DONATIONS to pay for all the crete so help out please and thanks!

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